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Shy Dog Program

Our Shy Dog Program is offered to dogs aged 4 months and older that exhibit shy or timid behavior and signs in the presence of humans, other dogs or even in stressful situations that don’t involve a person or dog. The focus being to provide comfort and habituation to the timid dog, allowing it to become accustomed to various stimuli, making it less likely that he/she will react negatively. During the course of our fun and confidence building training time the shy dog will add or build on existing appropriate social skills. Attending a mixed adult daycare is usually not enough to help the dog develop appropriate social skills and playing in the traditional daycare environment can be overwhelming and detrimental to the shy dog.

The Shy Dog Program curriculum includes using games, positive reinforcement training, doggie mentors and subtle socialization to slowly desensitize your timid dog to stimuli that cause their worry. The activities and techniques used require patience and are performed all within your dog’s comfort threshold. Knowing that fear interferes with learning, each dog moves at their own pace as we build positive associations with the training process.

Note: This program is not for dogs who are excessively vocal or exhibiting aggression.

Deb Ward, CPDT

Deb, as owner/operator of Cedarburg Pet Care LLC, Breeder and Certified dog trainer offers doggie daycare, residential boarding, puppy socialization and shy dog utilizing Puppy Culture and Ian Dunbar’s science-based protocols.

Shy Dog Program Pricing


If you are interested in stopping by for a meet and greet to learn more, please complete our Shy Dog Questionnaire.