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Puppy’s Day Out Program

Our Puppy’s Day Out Program is offered to puppies between the ages of 10 – 20 weeks old. The focus being to build appropriate social skills and provide the best social experiences for puppies during the critical period of socialization and beyond. Attending a mixed adult daycare is usually not enough to help puppies develop appropriate social skills and playing in the traditional daycare environment at such a young age can be detrimental to puppies (see When Puppy Should Start Daycare)

The Puppy’s Day Out curriculum includes socialization activities with puppies of similar age, introductions to puppy-friendly adult dogs, novel people, places and things as well as basic obedience and handling activities. All within the individual puppy’s comfort threshold. This means FUN for puppy at all times. We are sure to include adequate rest periods as well. Puppies will be able to transition to our enrichment based, small group daycare once they have obtained the milestone skills demonstrating; comfort in group, appropriate greetings, sharing, self-restraint and the ability to read social cues and respect the boundaries of other dogs. Puppy’s Day Out is billed hourly as daycare services are.

If you are interested in stopping by to learn more, we can look at the schedule in order to arrange a meet and greet.

Deb Ward, CPDT

Deb, as owner/operator of Cedarburg Pet Care LLC, Breeder and Certified dog trainer offers doggie daycare and residential boarding as well as puppy socialization utilizing Puppy Culture and AKC Confident Puppy protocols.

Puppy’s Day Out Pricing